4 Perfect Bruch Drinks to Make at Home

4 Perfect Bruch Drinks to Make at Home

We love brunching on Sundays with friends to catch up, and perhaps also recover from a long weekend. It seems like when you go out on Sunday for brunch, no matter where you go, that everyone and their mother is trying to get a table. Unless you plan almost a week in advance, sometimes getting a table at even mediocre places requires an hour long wait. Not to mention the cost of some brunch places charge for a mimosa and some pancakes.

Every once in a while, an at home brunch is sometimes just what you need to not only have more fun, but also save some cash. By no means, however, does this mean you can't have the perfect brunch drinks. While the food is crucial to a good brunch, it is incomplete without the perfect drinks. Aside from the classic mimosa, why not serve something more unique and fun? Here are our 4 perfect brunch drinks for your at home brunch:

Sparkling Pomegranate Mimosa

Instead of OJ, try some sparkling Italian soda. The pomegranate flavor is our favorite but you can also use any other flavor.

Grapefruit Coconut Paloma Mimosa

This is a squad favorite drink that you must try. We use a shot of tequila, a few splashes of champagne and grapefruit juice, and some sparkling grapefruit coconut water. Check out our products page for some other ideas to swap out the grapefruit and coconut water with other flavors.

Champgane Moscow Mule

Like a Moscow mule but instead with some bubbly. Just add ginger beer, mint, lime, and champagne. You could easily swap out the ginger beer for some sparkling coconut water to get a more tropical mule vibe.

White Wine Piña Colada

This tastes much like a white wine sangria but with a pineapple and coconut, which we think is better. Use some of our sparkling pineapple coconut water to mix with some white wine and use some pineapple slices to decorate your glasses.